We provide consultation together with software development and/or project management

Not every challenge is a big project or requires a new software. We believe one quick chat with us can bring you closer to your goals.
Talk to us if you need; Kaizen, change management, agile project management, waterfall planning, SWOT analysis, ROI calculations and more. We have answers which will bring innovation approach best-fits to your company.


Innovation Consultation

How does JRAPP do innovation consulting?

Innovation is extremely important and hard topic when creating future of your business. It often sounds groundbreaking and scary and it may block the new topic even before it starts. But innovation is not only one-time big project, it can be continuous small changes every moment.
JRAPP has seen that many innovations opportunities are found in daily routine activities. It may seem relatively small problems which many of internal members overseen or not sure if it brings the significant innovation. We can support innovation approaches, strategies and tools with unbiased view and with our diverse experience and can bring the answer for “Which approaches will best help you meet the objective.”

How can JRAPP's digital transformation bring (innovative) value?

People suffers from lack of communication due to manual processes which takes a lot of time and energies away. A simple work process (even with only two participants) can create very tense situation.

Front Office Requester: “The back office does not help me what I want.”

Back Office Receiver: “I don’t know exactly what the requester wants.”

Here you see the common stressful situation between "front" and "back" office. This is happening due to the degree of knowledge between the two parties and they are both simply confused what to provide and what to deliver.
We endeavor to overcome this situation that we call “triple-win-situation” with our product “Nuncut” to avoid the stress and the loss of time and motivation associated with the manual processes.


Requester: “Nuncut” tells him/her exactly what data is needed and why needed.
Receiver: “Nuncut” tells him/her exactly what and when (Urgency/Priority) he/she needs to deliver the job.
Company: Communication time is minimized which lead improvement in productivity, stress is reduced in the workplace which makes employees more motivated and result reduction in turnover.

In addition, “Nuncut” provides Performance Views for management to improvement in transparency and strengthen control. e.g. How many open tasks are created/finished within a week and per average.

You will be surprised what further options available by “Nuncut”. e.g. Group tasks and substitution and more.

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