We provide "values" with unprecedented speed and agility for your system development projects.

JRAPP has extensive and solid experience with system development and implementation.
And has supplied vital solutions to demanding international customers in many different industries.

JRAPP drives the solution through all steps - from requirement analysis, planning and architecture to operation, maintenance and to profit realization.


Business Process Automation

The "nuncut" Suite enables the prompt and cost effective implementation for any company's business processes and yet enables the tailor-made digitalization for your own company.
The end-2-end digitalization will allow you to release the time and power of your employees.
It will secure the control of your business processes and allow you to make optimal business decisions.

Applications on different devices

Our business applications are available to you PC and also on your mobile devices.
And we offer offline capabilities and automatic synchronization which allows you accessing your applications independent of time and place.
See our credentials for which benefts we have achieved for different companies.


Digital Transformation

Digitization can improve management decisions, and speed company processes and services.
At the same time, it can disrupt ongoing business and also other barriers may exist.
Management need to decide carefully the path towards digital transformation with a concrete strategy to harness its strengths and mitigate its challenges. Only if implemented correctly, the vast majority of the values can be captured.

Navigated Digital Transformation

JRAPP navigates digital transformation by drawing your future digital business.

Examples of our client digitalization includes:

・Supporting a digital strategy for a major music company
・Establishing the digital marketing model for an e-learning company
・Developing backoffice operating modules of an automabile company